Pastor:                 we are now entering

   (click for Pastor's page)         the call process


  SAM:                       Hedy Alcock

    (Synodically Authorized Minister)

  Musician:               Carol Lockhart

  Secretary:              Marva Hartman

  Housekeeper:       Mary Smith


                                      WORSHIP SCHEDULE

 Traditional Service - Sunday 8:30 am

  Adult Sunday School - Off until September

  Contemporary Service - Sunday 11:00 am

  Youth Sunday School -

Now off for the summer.




We also offer a Wednesday morning bible study

and a Monday evening bible study.   

See the calendar page for dates and times.


  The Wednesday bible study meets

at The Rose City Cafe in Rose City.

Breakfast is at 9 am (Dutch Treat)

followed by the bible study session.


  The Monday evening bible study

will be taking a summer recess

See you in the fall!


About Prince of Peace Lutheran Church…………


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church of Rose City was established in 1976 as an official congregation of the Lutheran Church in America. Services were held in a building in downtown Rose City before moving to the present church building (the church in the ground) in the summer of 1980. Today we are an ELCA congregation and part of the NorthWest Lower Michigan Synod. We pride ourselves on our sense of family and hospitality.


    We currently conduct two services each Sunday. The first, or early, service begins at 8:30 am and is traditional in nature. The second service begins at 11:00 am and is designed to be more contemporary. There is adult Sunday School between the two services beginning at 10:00 am. A children’s Sunday School is held during the 11:00 service (from the Sunday after Labor Day through the end of May).


    We observe communion every Sunday, and practice open communion. Any one baptized in any Christian faith who feels comfortable receiving communion with us is welcome to participate in receiving this Holy Sacrament.



Ed Miller                                President                                        

Denny Turow                         Vice President   

                                                       (also Property Committee)   

Bobby Bonus                          Secretary     

                                                       (also Christian Ed & Nominating)

Dave Shipe                             Treasurer  (also website & newsletter)

Hedy Alcock                            Finance

Bill Walker                              Mutual Ministry                             

Carol Butler                            Fellowship

Heather Crouch                     Evangelism / Social Media

Tim Tucker                             Ministry Profile Recorder

Bill Langendorfer                  Worship & Music

Karrie Foster                          Community Ministry

Sue Discher                             Stewardship


The congregation council

meets the 2nd  Thursday

of each month at 7:00pm

Check the calendar for

any changes in meeting date.



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