Welcome to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


The Mission of Prince of Peace is:


 To be a growing family of God’s people who are committed to sharing the love

and good news of Jesus Christ

with all people.

We believe that all members of

the congregation shall be ministers actively

committed to worship,

stewardship and service,

and shall be an active participant in

AT LEAST ONE specific area of ministry.



Love, Serve, Share, Teach




What is the meaning and use of liturgical colors? In the Christian tradition colors are used for vestments and paraments (see also, “What are vestments and paraments and Why are they used?”), but a unified system of colors developed only gradually and haphazardly until and through the Middle Ages. Today, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America provides a system of colors for use by its congregations; for the most part, the same system is also used by Roman and Anglican churches, at least in the United States; and by many churches around the world, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Many of the colors associated with the seasons are closely linked with the experience of Christians in the Northern hemisphere. Christians in the Southern hemisphere will experience the church year differently in that context, perhaps calling forth different color associations. It is also helpful to realize that colors have different associations across the globe, just as they have had different associations over the course of the church’s history. For example, white is the color North American and European Christians typically associate with Christmas and Easter, the color white signifying the purity of Christ, light or joy. In many Eastern cultures, however, white connotes mourning. Red, associated with energy, blood or fire among other things in Western culture, is the color associated with purity in India. The colors serve to adorn the worship space, and to call attention to the nature of the season or festival being celebrated. A brief summary of their usage, according to the church year, follows.


Time after Epiphany: Green is used for its symbolism of our growth in Christ. Green, in a sense, is a "neutral color," used when more festive or more somber color is not appointed.


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