Planning for 2021




Fleece Blankets for River House Marian Krasa will apply for a $250 grant to purchase the fleece for church members to assemble into blankets to donate to River House.



River House Shelter Shower – Sandy Scheel will try to find out who is hosting it this year, later in the year we will put out lists of items the shelter needs donated


WELCA Sunday – September 26th – will discuss at our August meeting


Direct Your Dollars – Spartan receipts – we currently have received $110,000 of the $150,000 needed to get the church a $1000 donation from Spartan.


Direct Your Labels – UPC bar codes from Our Family Brand grocery items – for every 500 we collect, the church gets $25. Just sent in for our second check from Spartan. Labels can be deposited in the Direct Your Dollars box or put in Jan Thorson’s mailbox


Rummage Sale – will not be held this year due to Covid and uncertainty over the future

Craft Show - will not be held this year due to Covid and uncertainty over the future










 We are collecting used eyeglasses for the local Lions Club. A box for the glasses is also located in the Fellowship Hall.





The following officers were elected for 2021:


          President:              Rustie Langendorfer

          Vice-President:      Marian Krasa

          Secretary:              Marilyn Mueller

          Treasurer:              Phil Boik






Our monthly meeting is held

on the third Thursday of the month,

10 am at the Church

(We are not currently meeting monthly)






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