Pastor Nan Dehnke was ordained in 2009 after receiving her Master’s of Divinity degree at The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and receiving her first call to the Indiana-Kentucky Synod. She enjoys creating and encouraging relationships for the sake of God’s mission in the world… collaboration, respect, and the Word guide God’s ministry through her. Chaplaincy, working with folks suffering with addictions, empowering leaders, nurturing faith and spirituality through the Word, the Sacraments, and relationships are some of the tools she uses to love God’s people wherever and whoever they are. With God, she leads to empower, encourage, and engage people to help them deepen their relationships with God and with one another.




Dear Friends

This Sunday at Prince of Peace we celebrate the Women of the ELCA! All of our Sunday bible texts are about women.

Many of you probably named your daughters after famous women in the Bible. You know Mary, Ruth, Sarah etal. But besides those famous women, there are many who are unnamed: the text will say: a woman......the woman.....or the women. And in the story of Jesus Feeding the 5000. The number 5000 does not include the women and the children.

When this plethora of unnamed women became apparent to me and when I learned they were not counted in the 5000, I began paying more attention. When do the women show up? Who are they? What are their stories? When are they named?

So In Exodus 1, we hear about Shiphrah and Puah. (I don't think you named your daughters these names) 4 verses and we learn of how they saved the nation of Israel. Come and hear!


Be well, be safe!


Pastor Nan





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